Saturday, August 2

Having Fun

Carlos just a few weeks into CrossFit, working hard on L sits.

Carlos a couple months (about 5 in this picture, 8 months total) of CrossFit and almost 60lbs later. One of our best transformations.

CrossFit will change your life!

Sean (Valley Fire) doing 5 min. of the secret service snatch test. He has come so far in his level of fitness in just a few weeks, all of our top performers watch out.

Matt A. who has joined us from CrossFit Valdosta is finishing 400m BW tire drag.

Matt A. after the 400m tire drag, not as easy as it seems. 8min of SUCK!

It seems we have had a couple of people ask us about training while pregnant over the last couple of weeks, so when I saw this I thought it would be helpful to our expectant mothers who may have any questions or concerns. Angela was doing CrossFit and teaching Spin classes on Fairchild AFB into her 8th month of pregnancy with our last child (Brooklyn).

Anyone can do CrossFit and everyone can benefit from CrossFit!

This post is taken from CrossFit Valdosta.

Post comments on your thoughts about continuing training while pregnant and the benefits it provides!!!!!!

Some of the benefits that exercise offers to expecting mothers are:
1) Speedier recovery after delivery
2) Increased sense of well being and self esteem during and after pregnancy
3) Less leg cramps
4) Larger placenta which in turn provides an increased nutrient base for the baby
5) Decrease the risk of excessive weight gain caused by an increase of fat storage
6) Stronger lower back which in turn reduces the risk of lower back pains
7) Boost in energy levels
8) Decrease the likelihood of varicose veins
9) Reduced chances of having a Cesarean birth

10) Higher chances of achieving labor either a few days earlier or on time

11) Exercise helps prepare the body for the stresses imposed by labor and delivery

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