Thursday, August 28

Training time

Garth's "I'm finished face". Ladies, he looks exhausted.

Jeff doing wonderful front squats during a WOD.

Pat doing DB presses during a modified one foot "Diane". You can see the effort on his face, there's no doubt he works hard.

Friday Morning
Because of a sick child, we will not be open for the morning 8-9&9-10am class on Friday August 28th, we will be open at the noon-1pm class time, 3:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday 10am-12noon for training.
(sorry for any inconvenience)
Labor Day
We will be closed for the holiday on Monday 1st of Sep
The WOD for Monday is run a 5k and don't forget your burpees! Bring in your run times on Tuesday so we can post them. Have a great holiday.

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