Friday, September 4

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!! And more:)

Betty jumping....

...and pushing all the way home:)

Well mates, I managed to get a rare photo of the mysterious Broad Jump Burpee. Ahhh, they are lively creatures! Foreign to the Spokane area, it has been said to have been brought to our land by the one they call, "Mr. Mike". If you look closely we can see the mysterious animal getting ready to take flight!

CrossFit Spokane making quite a spectacle out on the streets!

Hello, this is Angela. How may I direct your call?

Hey, if all else fails, do what works!:)

Tyler reaching great extension at the top of the second pull!

400 m Broad Jump Burpees; never have we gotten so many odd looks:)

Well, it has been a little while since my last posting, but I'll make up for some lost time today. First, a few things to mention. I don't know if it is the result of you all running your mouths about how much CrossFit has impacted your lives, or if it is just the worldwide awakening of a new fitness program that actually works, but we have been pleased to be meeting, training, and paving the way for dozens of new members lately! Many of them are currently steamrolling through our Ramp-Up Program and will be joining the regular classes shortly! Please show them the love and camaraderie that you all felt while drinking the kool-aid:) I remember my first month of CrossFit; the new moves, the awkwardness, the fear stemmed from not truly knowing how those "crazy" men and women can push themselves so hard. Truly a wonderful experience.

Also, slowly but surely, even our "slow" times are becoming packed with so much energy that sometimes I mistake a Thursday noon for a Monday 4:30 class; awesome!

Paleo Challenge

Well, the month long Paleo Challenge is soon coming to an end. I have been reviewing the weekly food logs turned in by those taking on this challenge and for the most part I am really impressed! I just took the Body Fat % for one of those said participants and he already has lost about 3.5%! In only four weeks! Imagine if he goes another month, and then another! Truth be told, only one month is pretty dang short and if these people can continue on for another couple they will really see the true impact that this way of eating can have on all areas of their life. I can only hope that you all are feeling up to the challenge!:) Trust me, it's worth it!

Speaking of Paleo, I just made some good Spaghetti tonight. That's right, spaghetti...I just said it. Let me clear up the questions that I know are exploding out of the Paleo Peoples minds right now....Spaghetti Squash is what I'm talking about:) First time making it (correctly) and it turned out awesome! If you need some tips on cooking it make sure to ask me. But here is the dinner that I had tonight:

Cooked my spaghetti squash correctly for the first time! Yea!!!!!
Packet of Lean, Organic Ground Turkey
Jar of Organic Basil Tomato sauce
Whole onion, diced
Several tablespoons of minced garlic
3 cups of sliced mushrooms
Diced zucchini
Several Swirls of Olive Oil (I know, very precise:)
1/2 Cup of Organic Peanut Butter (I know, peanuts are considered a legume. But seeing as how I still allow myself other things in moderation, I didn't feel bad about some peanuts tonight:)

Stayed tuned for more; like some Paleo Pecans recently supplied to me by one of our members, Megan....they are tasty!

Labor Day Hours

This following Monday we will only be open during the following time: Noon-2
Please stop by for a fun day and hopefully we can get a great turnout!

Faces of pain. Glorious, glorious pain!

Couple of nooners learning a new hatred for the plates

Ahhh, the power of the white board and the things it makes us do!

3,2,1...JUMP! I mean GO!

The clock is always there...watching, waiting, taunting.

Odd object day...too much fun IS possible!

Dig in deep! Almost there! a 400 m sled drag at 3/4 body weight can bring a man to tears, literally.

400 m Broad Jump Burpee pain:)

Cheryl; moving so fast I could only capture a blur. Is that a smile in the middle of a WOD? That is just sick that she can manage that!:)

Pat H. in the middle of the odd object WOD, "Triple Suck" really does suck.

Dawn is done!

#7) "The Spartan knows the value of the basics: the push-up, the pull-up, the chin-up, the sit-up, the squat, the deadlift. He also knows the importance of variety and seeks out different techniques of the above."

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Those progressive pictures of Betty's burpee (all the way at the top) are very cool.