Sunday, September 27

Something to think about

"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Reed

Something to think about as the new week is about to begin. Sometimes we all lose sight of our goals from time to time, get slightly impatient, or maybe don't even make goals (or make enough:). So this is just a reminder to sit down, look over/make your goal(s) list and get yourself energized if need be:) I only mention this because from time to time I lose sight of my own, and when I do and then get myself back on track it compels me to remind everyone else in case similar things are happening with them.

So remember, dare to fail. Dare to once again push yourself to a different boundary; one that might only be just a step further than the one that you are currently living at. The results that you achieve will be in direct proportion to how much effort, discipline and focus you apply.

Have a great rest of the weekend and we'll see y'all next week!:)

Also, make sure to congratulate Lindsey G. on getting her 1st Muscle-Up this past week! That is quite the achievement and is a memorable milestone in any CrossFitters training! Awesome!


Owen Duff said...

The site is looking good, goals are very important. The motivation over here in Iraq is pretty hard to comeby sometimes. I started a blog that is getting updated via different people because of a shotty internet connection here. We are doing crossfit workouts in the am and weightlifting and powerlifting in the afternoon 3days on 1 day off. Ill post pictures up once a month. Check it out
See you guys in the spring

Spokane Razorbacks said...


I just found a good article on the Journal about the damper on the rowers. If you haven't seen this I would recommend that you do.