Thursday, November 5

Notice! We will be having a Saturday Class, but at a different Gym!

So folks, here's the deal. Due to us holding a USAW Course at the gym this weekend, we originally weren't going to be holding any classes. But as it turns out, CrossFit 509's owner who many of you already know, Kevin Steel, will be attending that course and would also have to close up his shop as well. So, to be able to still have a Saturday class for both his clients and ours, he is graciously allowing us to use his gym for our clients (which would allow his to be able to come in also).

I'll be up there for a joint gym WOD at 10 am on Saturday morning, so all CrossFit Spokane members should try and make it up for a "painfully" fun time with some fellow CrossFit community members

See link below for directions.

Also, I have been having some computers problems that have stalled my posting the Halloween pics, but I should have them up by tomorrow!


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