Thursday, May 26

"FENDER" 2011

Lythanial Fender

We have two days until "FENDER", are you ready are you willing to make the sacrifice and participate on your precious 3 day weekend. Lythanial Fender and many men and women have made the sacrifice, so you can have that 3 day weekend. The least you can do is come and support and remember these brave people for a few hours. Don't be "weak", anyone can do it.

This year we will be having a kids "FENDER" WOD, so bring the little ones and show them where this great nation came from and what kind of people got us here. Oh ya, and they can get outside and be active instead of in front of the TV or Game system. You can kill 3 birds with one stone, an appreciation for our country and it's military, a history lesson and some good hard exercise: what better way to spend time with the family.


Show Time


Workout Time




This will be the first year that we are accepting donations in memory of Lythanial Fender.

100% will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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