Friday, June 3

Friday Night

Zach doing some Grip Work.

Jeff launching the barbell


We had our biggest group yet for Friday Night Strength Power and Strongman Training and it was awesome.

We did some Linear and lateral training as well as mobility work for the warm up.

To prep ourselves for the "Power Training" for the workout we did 3 rounds of 5rep DL, 5rep per leg of stone-hold step up, 5-10 per leg single leg box jump and 15 ring rows. The single leg box jumps and step ups were to focus on more unilateral work (single leg) as apposed to bilateral (both legs). If you play a sport, at any level, you need to do some single leg work (unilateral training).

Think about it; we take off, jump, run, cut and sometimes land all on one leg.

The workout portion of the training was strictly "Power Training". We paired up and did 30 per person alternating barbell clean and throws for distance. No time, no hurry, just power development. The load was light to moderate M/ 95-115lbs W/45-75lbs.

We finished with some neck strengthening and grip strengthening work.


If you do your "Own Thing" at your "Globo Gym or Garage" this would be a great addition and benefit to your program and performance.


No Whiners, Complainers or Know it all's;

We expect you to just work hard and do what is prescribed.

More video of the workout to come. Check Youtube, Facebook and Twitter

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