Tuesday, June 7

Knee problems

Here are the top ten remedies to prevent and/or treat knee pain and problems.

  1. Train the Glutes

  2. Strengthen the posterior chain

  3. Strengthen Quads

  4. Single leg work

  5. Hip mobility

  6. Ankle mobility

  7. Maintain/Improve tissue quality

  8. Maintain/Improve tissue length

  9. Learn to absorb force

  10. Improve diet and supplementation

(From Mike Robertson Bullet Proof Knees)


At CrossFit Spokane, we can help you with any of these issues and get you on the right track and back to top physical performance.



Our (Mid/High/College) Summer Sports Conditioning starts on Monday 20th of June 630pm-730pm. This year we will have Three 4 week blocks of training (June 20 -July 17) and (July18- Aug 14) (Aug15-Sept 12).

Each week will have 2-3 days of Weight Training, Strength Training and Power Development (M,W,F) and 2-3 days of Speed, Agility and Conditioning (T,TH,Sat). 2 day,3 day or unlimited training options are available, depending on the athletes needs. Email or Call w/ questions or for your reservation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Top Ten remedies on relieving foot pain. No offense but I must check with my podiatrists about this. But thanks again.

J.Richmore said...

I agree. Knee problems like knee pain are attributed to weak knees wherein your knees cannot support the upper body weight. Those exercises are recommended to strengthen the knees.

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