Wednesday, June 15

The Workers

Eric is done after a hard workout.

Mike working on some core strength.  The front lever.

Jeff launching the barbell during the "clean and throw" workout at the park.

Girls can climb rope. Angela makes her way up easily.

What makes the difference in an athlete who is a All Conference, All State or All American and the average "OK" athlete? The biggest factor, especially as the level of play gets higher, is the amount of work they put in.  Next time your at a game or practice take a closer look at the attitude, the motivation and the skill of the athletes and you should be able to pick out the "Workers".  The "Workers" are the guys/gals who go the extra mile and  put in the extra work after practice or on their own when they don't have to or more importantly when they don't want to. These people do it because they have to in order to be the best they can be at their sport; they are the best because they choose to be. 

What are you doing to be the best you can be?

Go the "extra mile".

If your an athlete who wants to be your best join our Sports Conditioning Program this Summer and make your next season your best.

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