Tuesday, June 17


Alex doing some presses on the GHD, surprisingly difficult.

Haily focused. "Eye of the tiger Rock, eye of the tiger"

Patti hydrating after her workout

TR and Shawn (Valley Fire Department) post WOD.

SHOCK getting ready for their next game 11/0 so far on the season.

We started classes on Monday and so far so good. Just remember to check the schedule at the bottom of the site because there may not be a class when you thought there was.

For those of you who are going on the climbing trip or those who are thinking about it, this Saturday we are going to do a hike up Mt. Spokane. We will going for practice and to check some of your gear (pack, boots...) also it will let you know were you stand physically.

Thank You to all of our members we appreciate all of you.

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