Sunday, June 15


Brandon doing the 400m over head walk with half body weight (105lb).

Patrick returning from his 400m walk with 85lbs.

Tyler heading out on the 800m sand bag carry half body weight (90lbs).

Jon finishing sled drag (body weight).

Patrick returning from sled drag with about 165lb tire sled. (exhausting)

Saturday we did our "Lift, Drag, Carry" workout. It consisted of half BW over head walk, half BW bag carry and 3/4 BW sled drag. Our tire sled has a lot of friction so it feels very heavy if it were a steel sled it would have to be heavier. Lots of fun!

Our climbing trip to Mt. Adams has been pushed back one week, so check your schedule if you are interested.

Monday morning we start our new class schedule. Check the bottom of the page for the class times (just click on the calender).

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Louis Perkins said...

These workouts are epic! You've inspired me to make my own creative work outs at home - I've been using bins full of water as my resistance. Crazy hard. -Calgary