Tuesday, June 10

Next Week

Connie readying herself for more pull ups.

Cody doing a WOD with the 80lb duffel bag.

Alex working the 175lb stone.

He laps it.

He lifts it.

Alex is thinking of doing the Rainier CrossFit strongman contest this year.

Don't forget next Monday we start classes. We will have the times posted at the gym and on the site. This is going to be a great thing for the gym. The set times may be inconvenient on occasion, but the quality and value of the coaching and training is going to be much better. It will be like going to a yoga class or taking your kid to soccer practice it may not always fit in your day perfectly, but you do it because you make it a priority priority. Your health, fitness and well being are a priority.

Climbing trip

We will try to meet this Saturday at 12:30 to go over the gear list. If we do it at this time bring anything you have for the trip. Stay tuned.

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