Tuesday, November 27

The Word

Angela giving some pointers.

Phillip and Connie in their new CrossFit sweatshirts. They look cool.

TR working on his L-sits. "Get your toes up."

The word about CrossFit is finally starting to get out in our area and on Fairchild AFB. It seems that some of the higher up on base have taken notice of CrossFit which is AWESOME. I've been trying to get people involved and take notice for about 1 1/2 years as an alternative to the standard issue Air Force PT. If any of you have been through one of these grueling workouts you will know that it's about as hard as our warm up and I don't know for sure, but I'm sure that no one has ever gotten any great fitness or health benefits from AF PT. Maybe if they were in such bad shape or so under trained that any physical stimulus would bring improvement or if they were post rehab or about 90 yrs old. Even then CrossFit would still be better just because any of these people still have to lift, squat, press, walk/jog/run or just live life in which case, just happens to be what we do at an intensity level appropriate to challenge that person.

Thank you to all our members and friends who have been helping us spread the CrossFit word . We love you and appreciate everything.

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