Friday, November 9

The CrossFitter

Matt and Matt are praying that they make it through the workout on Halloween.

Carlos working on his L-sits. He always comes in and works hard and is great to workout with.
Lindsey and her husband Tyler are two of our newer clients. Here is Lindsey doing dips and below Tyler working on power cleans (see the video).

Each week we get calls asking what CrossFit is all about and just like all the other affiliate sites, we tell them it's short duration and high intensity work using functional type movements, not machines. Bottom line it's hard work and your going to love it and see results or hate it and never come back, but you have to try it to appreciate it. No one ever asks what kind/type of people do CrossFit. I'll get asked how much costs before they even ask what we offer or how we can benefit them. The type of people we have as members aren't afraid to work hard - try something new - feel a little uncomfortable - get a couple of calluses - they recognize the value in what CrossFit offers - want to be apart of a team/community - are tired of shinny big box gyms who don't know their name nor care to know - they are willing to pay a little more for a gym with no machines and no cardio room but who does care that you show up, work hard and make progress. It's hard to believe that more people in our area aren't taking advantage of CrossFit. With the rising fat and diabetes problem in America and the fact that people will go to a gym for years and not see one single change in health, fitness or performance, but will see a change in their bank account when the monthly payment is taken out because of an two or three year contract they were sold into, I am totally surprised that people aren't betting down the doors of all the CrossFit gym world wide. Your average person will spend good money on a fancy home machine or a anti-fat pill before seeking out quality training (not shinny big box training/membership), WHY? I'm venting right now, can you tell? If you have ever wondered about CrossFit get in and do it - if you have been going to a gym and haven't seen any changes go to or start doing CrossFit - if you don't know where to start for exercise don't waist time or money, go to any CrossFit - if you want someone to genuinely glad to see you come in to work out go to any CrossFit. We love fitness and want to see you succeed.

To all our members and fellow CrossFitters thank you and God bless.


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