Thursday, November 15

The holiday

Derek and Christmas two of our newer clients. They are good people and good to have working out here because they both seem to set the bar for everyone else

With all the holidays coming up it more important now that you stay active and keep up a good diet. It's SO easy to fall off the wagon and hurt all the progress you have made. With the New Year approaching now is a good time to start working on those resolutions that unfortunately all too often fail, so start planning and get going. If you need help with the exercise part then you in the right place. Come and give us a try before you get sold to a shinny BIG BOX gym.

To all our members thank you.

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Carlos said...

We joined Cross Fitness about three months ago and it is hard to begin to describe how unique and exceptional this gym is to any other that we have ever experienced.

Unlike most other fancy gyms where you walk in and get lost in all of the high tech gear and shiny tinsel, this club is simple and sincere. You don't just simply go aimelessly from one station to another trying to figure out which work out to do for that day with your head set blaring music marking the time and pacing yourself until you are done.

At Cross Fitness the experience is extremely unique. You experience commraderie and teamwork from the moment you walk in the door to the time that you finish an exhausting work out. What is really cool is that you don't have to fumble for a work out, because a WOD (Work Out of the Day) is chosen for you and clearly posted on the wall. You know that the queasy feeling you get when you see a name on the board like Helen, Fran, Kelly or a Fight Gone Bad, is exactly the same queasy feeling that every other member has felt or will feel before the day is over.

As our pastor Ken Peters (who is also a member) says, this gym is not weak sauce and is probably not for everyone. The beauty of it is that if you are committed to getting healthy, this is definitely the club for you.

The inspiration that gets you through a work out is a combination of wanting to get the lowest time or wanting to better your last mark and sometimes just getting through the challenging work out. This pursuit is perfectly complimented by the encouragement of not just the exceptional owners Mike and Angela but also the other trainers and all of the other members of the gym.

It is this sense of extended family and cohesion that makes the experience one of a kind. The inspirational quotes on the walls and the progress reports give us a sense of encouragement and satisfaction of accomplishment.

In just three months we have sincerely seen a great improvement to our physiques, our endurance and mobility, but most importanly, we have seen a sigificant change in our attitudes towards our health, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Like many other procrastinators who have fallen in and out of shape, we kept making excuses as to why we didn't join a gym. I am very grateful to God that Cross Fitness kicked us off of the couch and into shape. We are hooked and sincerely believe that anyone who gives it a chance would also be hooked.

Thank You For Everything,

Carlos, Cheryl and the Valero Family.