Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving

Brian getting warmed up. Damn strong for a skinny guy.

John post workout. Doesn't he look happy to be here.(He loves it)

It's been a good week here at CrossFit Spokane. We have seen several new faces, set some new gym records and as always had some killer workouts and a whole lot of fun. Early in the week we had a visit from Grant who works out at Mt. Baker CrossFit, it was good to see him again and will return some time mid December. He brought in a Friend Brian who is a good dude, who in turn brought in John who is full of intensity which what we want here. Some good news in the gym is that TR was one of 4 out of 400 to get a job with Spokane Valley Fire Department during this last tryout (the top 1%). Unfortunately next week we will have to say good by to Matthew Heath who has been PCS'd to another base (SUCKS) we will miss him around here. I hope everyone has a great Turkey day. Be safe and God Bless.

THURSDAY (Thanksgiving)-CLOSED
FRIDAY- OPEN 5pm-8pm

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Grant said...

What's this? Just throwing my name around on your site, nah just kidding cool to see Brian and John up on the site. I can’t wait to come back in December. I'm trying to get my parents off the couch and into Crossfit. Anyway hope you guys had a good Turkey Day. Keep up the hard work.