Tuesday, November 20

Gym Records

Christmas getting set for a max attempt.

Garth hit a new PR on CrossFit Total with 905lbs and a PR in the dead lift of 415lbs.

Derek has the gym record for CrossFit Total with 915lbs. He did go below parallel.

There are a couple of new ideas for the gym I have been tossing around.

-Breakdanceing classes, which if you have never seen or tried, it's a very intense workout (checkout the video link). These will begin after the New Year.

-Parkour training, to be offered 1-2 days a week this winter while its cold and snowy outside.

-CrossFit training on Fairchild AFB, two days a week on Tue and Thur. mornings 05:30-06:30 I'm trying to work this out right now. It should be about $40-$45 a month (compare that to a personal trainer).

-Free CrossFit Training, Beginning the New Year I would like to offer free training to about 10 middle school and high school age kids who are overweight or obese. Skip Chase form Mt. Baker CrossFit is doing this and it seems to be going very well. It would be awesome to have a positive impact on a young persons life and what better time then the New Year to begin. More specifics to come.

If anyone would be interested or you know someone who might be pass this on or please let us know.

Don't forget to tell everyone you talk to about CrossFit, spread the word for all to hear.

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