Saturday, January 5


We are glad to have Amy back from her Christmas vacation. Here she is getting some last minute instruction from Mike.

Chris doing the 50 dead lifts during the WOD.

Derek doing the 50 dead lifts during the WOD.

Corey didn't fall or get hurt he is just resting during the 50 floor wipers and he beat Carlos by 9 seconds.


Carlos 30:09

Corey 30:00

Derek 20:30

TR 24:58

Chris 20:08

Amy 35:08

Cheryl 21:40 (12pull ups)

Today was the first time trying the "300" workout form the movie "300".
When I thought of doing "300" workout I also was thinking about the video I saw of Mark Twight being interviewed about the training he put the actors through for the movie. During that interview there was no mention of CrossFit at all. Mark Twight, who was a former CrossFit affiliate and has written for the CrossFit Journal (issue 19 March 04), used the CrossFit methodology and training style, but failed to give credit where credit is due. There are people in town who may pass off the training they offer as CrossFit style and it may very well be CrossFit WOD's they are doing and training people with, but CrossFit is more then just a workout style. CrossFit is also the friendships, a sense of community, the sense of belonging to something, the willingness to help out if needed, a team and a family. That is what you will have if you go to any true CrossFit gym on the planet and no 24hr Globo gym can emulate that. TR has great story of a buddy of his who had a interesting experience at a "Big Box gym" when he went to sign up for the CrossFit class; you should ask him sometime. The bottom line if you want a kick in the pants workout and to be around people who are way cool and train hard you have come to the right place.

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