Sunday, January 20


Slosh pipe anyone. Deceivingly hard!

Troy giving us the look.

The Glover brothers; some functional training at it's finest. 400m 100lb sand bag carry and 15 95lb OHS (for time).

If your gym doesn't have plenty of pull up and dip stations, think twice.

I hope everyone takes advantage of the holiday and gets to the gym for a great workout. lots of people may have this day off, so don't sit around; get out and do something. To help you with this, we will be open regular hours.

1 comment:

Zimmer said...

Looks like you guys are having fun!
I'm gonna give one of those slosh pipes a try....but i'm a little concerned. Last time i saw the guy in the back of the pipe pic, he had a lot more hair. Is hair loss a side effect of the slosh pipe.
Glad to see you guys are keepin it real!