Sunday, January 27

Snow day

CrossFit Spokane toys. A full selection of Kettlebells (9lb-53lb).

Misha and Nick post row.

Val doing some wallballs.

Christmas flipping one of our tires during a WOD.

Monday 28 of January we will be closed because of the weather. Our home is not very close to the gym and the roads are pretty bad from here to the freeway. So for you die hard CrossFitters the WOD for Monday will be to pile a mound of snow 10 ft in diameter and 5ft high as fast as you can (take a picture to show your work), we will post any pictures and times given to us.:) We will see you Tuesday at 8am. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Also, just a reminder for you early birds, we will be open at 5:30-6:30am Tuesday and Thursday.)


Jon said...

Thanks in part to the weather I had to go workout at another gym tonight. It was the place that does fitness OZstralian style. It was absolutely horrible. I despise that globo-gym.

boogie72 said...

Just finished up the WOD for the last three days.
Sunday-4 hours
Monday-4 hours
Tuesday-2.5 hours
Shoveling as high as I can throw it.
Love the burn.