Sunday, January 13

Teaching the Fundamentals

Delia just started with us this week. She is doing a great OHS here.

Garth demonsrating the KB swing.

The group

Here is Rebecca showing a beautiful OHS. She also joined us this week.

The ladies discussing scores at the end of the WOD

We held another fundamentals class this Saturday. We had a great turn out and an awesome time. Not only did all of our newer clients show up, some of the more experienced "Crossfitters" showed up too. We followed the class with a group workout of one minute rounds of OHS, KB swings, and med ball cleans. For a total of three rounds, then added up the total reps at the end. (like Fight Gone Bad)

The scores were:







Mike Glover: 109

Carlos: 176

Cheryl: 135

John: 140

Derek: 189

Garth: 151

Mike: 194

Everyone put out some great effort (check out the video). It is great to see even the most experienced althete checking and rechecking their form to make them that much better.

I would also like to thank Christmas and Derek for showing up and helping out. They both got certified recently and had some great tips.

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