Monday, January 7


Some of our CrossFit Kids.

A day at CrossFit Spokane.

This is Charity, who just joined with us today.

Mike post 300.

What a day, we had like 8 or 9 new people come in today to give us a try and had two new members join the CrossFit family. I guess the word is spreading fairly good about the quality of training and value we offer at at CrossFit Spokane. Where else in town can you go and be guaranteed that you will be around people who want to workout hard and take there training seriously. I had two good comments today from two of the new people; one person liked the fact that we don't do much talking when we are in the middle of a workout (it's hard to talk when your gasping for air) and the other comment was the fact that we don't have TVs like some other gyms in town, once again (who gives a crap about TV when you are focused on your workout and you just want to get it done without collapsing from exhaustion). One common thing you will find here is that no matter who our members are (grandmother, police/fire/mil, pro athlete, college student, house mom, whom ever) they all come to work hard and that creates an atmosphere conducive to quality training.

Thank you to all of our members, we appreciate you.

Foundations class (for any of our new members)
Saturday 12 9-11am

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