Saturday, January 19


The fire from our snow shoe trip. Next time we will be snowshoeing to a hot spring.

Too much CrossFit.

Derek explaining the WOD to Sully.

TR playing with one of our newest toys; the 100lb sandbag.

We have seem to grown a tremendous amount over the last month or so; which is great. Less then a month ago we were concerned with how we will pay the bills for the month now we seem to be concerned with if this place is going to be big enough and if we have enough equipment. I definitely prefer the latter of the two. As we get bigger and bigger I am more and more thankful for our members who have been doing an awesome job at spreading the word about CrossFit and our growth is a direct reflection. The people who try us out recognize the quality and value of what we offer; it's unlike any other "gym". We take your training very seriously and we only want the best out of our members. If someone can't give it their best effort then there is a Globo gym somewhere with your name and EFT bank withdraw on it.

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