Thursday, February 21

Doin' the Bear

Justin at the top of "the bear"

Katon learning the windmill
Jason doing a "bottoms up press"
This was the first full week we have had the Shock in to train with us and all is going well. We have had about 10 or so of the players in and everyone has been busting their butt. Our goal for these guys is functional strength and overall work capacity. They are strong and they are fast, but we want them to be strong and fast when they are tired and winded. Come fourth quarter of the championship game the team that has trained the hardest, made the biggest commitment and put forth the greatest effort as a team will be the champions. These guys doing CrossFit is a step in the right direction.
Give the SHOCK WOD a try
(squat clean[from floor], thruster, back squat, thruster=1)
1st 20 W/ 135lb
2nd 20 W/ 115lb
last 10 W/ 95lb

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