Monday, February 25


We would like to welcome Mark to our gym, I expect great things from him.

Val getting prepped for the Bear Crawl, she is very cool.

Christmas from CrossFit Coeur d'Alene climbing one of our ropes (cool picture effects).

Derek from CrossFit Coeur d'Alene gets ready for a swim at the hotel pool, post certification (nice watch Derek).

This last weekend we were in Pullman getting our USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification. When we arrived it was a nice surprise to see a good CrossFit showing. There was CrossFit Spokane,CrossFit Coeur d'Alene, JOGO Gym (CrossFit Bellingham) and Mount Baker CrossFit, all together CrossFit made up half the class. In the industry of strength and conditioning/training a coach's/trainer's continuing education is paramount in keeping them up to date and constantly improving as a professional.


Derek said...
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Derek said...

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