Sunday, April 13


Paul. "Can I get a ride"

Andrew flipping and dragging. What fun.


Chris, during the "GET SOME" WOD. You should try it its fun


It has been another good week here. A couple of more members, some good weather, good times and great workouts. This week I plan on jumping back on the ZONE diet again. I had fallen behind the last couple of weeks and boy can I feel the difference. If anyone is interested in starting, I would like to start a kind of support group or ZONE team to show how it really can change your performance and life style. I want to post a board at the gym to put up any comments about your ZONE experience. We would also love to hear any of your ideas. Summer is coming so get ready to do something great this season and challenge yourself with something new and different (like climbing a mountain).

Thankyou to all of our members we appreciate you very much.

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Jon said...

Mike and Angela,

A couple of thoughts:

1) Thanks for coming out in the rain to participate in the Walk MS 2008. I appreciate your support and everyone who walked with you or donated to your team.

2) I don't know if I have the discipline to follow through with the Zone diet during rugby season but I am sure as Sh&t that I don't want to try it by my myself so count me in for the group. This assumes that you will not make me sacrifice my post rugby beer drinking.

3) Thanks for the link to my website. PS. I am still looking for speakers.

See you this afternoon.

Jon the Junkman