Sunday, April 20


Dawn doing some OHS's

Greg doing pull ups.

This is Nick he is leaving us to go play football in Texas (AFL2). He is a tremendous athlete and is going to do some great things down there. We look forward to seeing him again this summer during the off season as well as during the playoffs against the SHOCK.


This past Saturday we had quite a few people show up to work out and 5 of them cam for the team workout. We had a guys vs girls challenge: Joe and Brandon vs Haily, Trisha and the new Angela. The WOD was as a team run 800m, 200 pull ups, 300push ups, 400 sit ups, 500 squats, run 800m (the cals are cumulative as a team). The runs were together and for the guys only one person could be working out at an given time and for the girls two of the three could be working out at any given time. Sadly the guys lost this one by about 30 seconds, but they only had two people and only one exercising at one time.

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