Wednesday, April 16

Muscle and Fitness

May 2008 issue of Muscle and Fitness

Our group for Spokane's annual MS walk (Trisha, Joe, Haily, Mike, Angela, Brooklyn, Kayla and Lauryn also Jessie, Gilly and Jon (junk) not shown). Thank you to everyone it was a cool time.

Check out the new article about CrossFit in The latest issue of Muscle and Fitness (that's right Muscle and Fitness). They did a great article and would actually recommend buying this issue. For all of the loyal CrossFitters out there this could be the end of our little secluded club. Every big box gym in the country will know about CrossFit now (which is good), but what kind of spin will they put on it is the question? You will most likely see every personal trainer doing some sort of CrossFit training with their clients, if they're not already. Don't fear, our little gym will still be the same regardless of what happens out there.

Video from Petranek fitness

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