Friday, March 13

What a Week!!!!

Well, we're coming to the end of the week and my hat really goes off to you all! This week was quite a challenge and proved to be very taxing on all of us, but isn't every week?:) I know that most of you are like me in that you get so into performing the WOD's and look forward to it everyday so much that sometimes you "forget" to take adequate time to recover. Remember, with the level of intensity that we reach here at CrossFit Spokane, you need to make sure that you allow for those crucial rest days! It is an important aspect to your training, just as much as the ferocity that you throw into the WOD's. So realize that when you are taking a rest day, you're not being lazy. Take that day(s) to let your body build itself back up and get stronger, make sure to hydrate, eat well, and get proper amounts of sleep. The key to elite fitness and health isn't just one or two of these, it's all of them combined!!!! Just like tuning up your car, you aren't going to change the oil and call it a day; you need to take care of every aspect of it to ensure it's operating as a finely tuned piece of machinery.

As for the Sunday class we are still waiting a little longer to get some more votes in to determine the time, but it's looking as though it will probably be sometime in the morning. Once this class does get started, we will run it as a test class for about a month or so to determine whether or not enough people consistently show up to make it worthwhile. As of now we are going to have the focus of this class around our basic lifts and will be spending the entire class focusing on perfecting form and going heavy. Just like in many sports and activities in life, the key to reaching new levels of performance is to be constantly reviewing the basics and mastering them! Having this class means that CrossFit Spokane will be open every single day of the week. Many of you have been wanting to follow the 3 on 1 off schedule that has proven to be so effective in terms of "work-recovery" and this will allow you to follow that program structure precisely if desired. This Sunday (the 15th) will be the first one and we will post the time of the class no later than 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the previous post on the upcoming Krav Maga class and get signed up!

Another element we will be adding to our site in the near future will be gym profiles on our clients. Every couple of weeks we are going to be asking if one of you would like to have a "CrossFit Games" style profile posted on the site. The profile will include many of your best times/weights for certain exercises/WODs and a little about yourself. If you don't mind, we'll probably throw a picture of ya up there as well. This will be completely optional, but it will provide everyone a chance to get to know members that they possibly have never met, but daily see their name up on the board from a different class time.

Reminder: the regional XF games qualifier is getting closer and closer and there eventually will be a cutoff on the amount of people allowed, so if you are thinking of going make sure to sign up and let us know so we can help you prep for it as much as possible and provide support.
You can get info and sign up here: Northwest Regional Qualifier

And finally, Saturday is almost upon us! Another great WOD is planned (not as long as last week's:) and it would be great for some new blood to come by and check out the great time that we have. So if you think you know anyone that might be interested......


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