Tuesday, March 10

Krav Maga at CrossFit Spokane

What is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is considered to be a modern, highly refined, street fighting system, designed to be effective against armed and unarmed attackers. It addresses a wide variety of aggressive attacks that include punches, kicks, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, grabs, as well as defenses against multiple attackers and assailants armed with a firearm, edged weapon, or blunt object. Training in Krav Maga stresses the ability to react when surprised. Techniques and training methods emphasize the ability to function from a poor state of readiness, and to move from a passive to aggressive state immediately in order to fight back and survive. Training teaches students to react effectively under stress and to move efficiently from a position of disadvantage to a position of advantage.

Head Instructor Mike Satz is certified as a Krav Maga instructor by Krav Maga Worldwide and was previously on the instructor staff of Krav Maga of DFW in Dallas, Texas and Performance Self Defense and Fitness in Allen, Texas. Mike's students include children, adults, and law enforcement officers. Mike is a personal safety expert and his primary goal as head instructor of Krav Maga of Moscow is to make sure his students have the skills and necessary mindset to "make it home safe" if they are ever the victim of a violent attack, no matter what walk of life they come from. This is the essence of what Krav Maga is all about. Mike is also a law professor at the University of Idaho College of Law and is an expert in the legal aspects of self defense and the use of force.

CrossFit Spokane will be hosting a 2 hour Krav Maga self defense.
CrossFit Spokane
Saturday March 28th (1pm-3pm)
$20.00 (CrossFit Spokane members)
$25.00 (General admission)
$30.00 (Day of the seminar)
Class size will be limited so sign up soon. If you have a large group or organization let us know sooner than later, so we can ensure space for everyone.

If you are unable to contact the gym, or have questions specifically concerning Krav Maga, you can also contact CrossFit Spokane's member Brayson Buckner. Brayson is a current student under Mike Satz and has been taking the steps to become a certified Krav Maga Instructor which will allow him to begin instruction up here in Spokane...very exciting! You can contact Brayson at (208) 724-0123.

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