Sunday, March 22

Just imagine how much we could have helped these guys:) Great picture though; thanks Gabe.

Finally! I think that the spring weather is finally here to stay! (knock on wood) So you know what that means!!!!? We can start running outside more! Although here at CrossFit Spokane we always make things work regardless of the weather, I think we all can agree that being able to consistently get outside and hit the pavement is not only important to training, but it seems to re-energize us as well. So, just like I prefer to think of Mondays as the beginning of an entire week of new challenges, I like to think of the new season as an opportunity to take a deep breath, set new goals out on the horizon, and viciously start reaching for them. For those of you that were not part of the "family" last year, the great weather allows us once again to eventually start hitting up those parks for Saturday WODs and who among us has been missing the CrossFit rallies with our friends out there at CrossFit CDA!!!??? Those are always a load of fun!

Titan Sunday!
This last Sunday was once again a great workout. In case you are unaware, we have started a one hour Sunday class that will focus around refreshing the fundamentals of the basic lifts and then end the hour going really heavy (we're talking 5x5's, 5x3's, 7x1's, etc.). Just like last Sunday's Deadlift class, today we spent the entire hour refreshing over the Shoulder Press. Everyone performed great and showed great improvement (regardless of their previous skill level). After another month or so of these Sundays, it will be great to hold a CrossFit Total; I am excited to see how much higher the scores will be, especially for those that consistently are attending Sundays. I love seeing people moving massive amounts of weight!!! Great job gang! Seeing as how these Sundays are based around only very focused heavy lifts, our Sunday class will be known from here on out as "The Titan" class; one of great size, strength and achievement.

Reminder! I hope that you all have been making progress with your Double-Unders because this Friday is our second PR Challenge! In case you haven't seen it posted on the board, the PR Challenge this month is how many DU's you can get in 10 minutes! Whether you are an animal at them or can only get one at a time, 10 minutes of DU's can be a brutal workout. Because of this, this Friday's WOD will be a shorter one which will allow for a somewhat short rest before the 10 minutes begin. But, if for some reason you are unable to make it on Friday or if it's a rest day for you , then lets make sure that you take time on either Thursday or Saturday to ask the trainer to clock you following the normal WOD. Friday will be the official day for it though. Regardless I would like to post the reps online, so make sure to get them written down if you don't do it on Friday:)

Payment Date. For those of you who haven't been told yet, over the next couple of payment periods, we are getting everybody setup to pay on the first of the month and no longer have payments on the 15th. If you are a 15th payer, we can obviously adjust/pro-rate as needed until everyone is all on the 1st. Thank you very much for your cooperation while this is being accomplished.

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