Friday, March 27

A Few Quick Things to Throw Out

We just wanted to take a moment to mention a few things before the weekend. One, don't forget that the Krav Maga class is tomorrow from 1-3. Second, because there will be some setup for that class, if you plan on attending the regular Saturday WOD, we will only be running it up until 11...maybe a little longer. So make sure to not show up too late past 10 because we'll be getting it started as soon as we can. Third, we just wanted to remind you that we are going to gradually get everyone setup on monthly payments that are on the 1st of each month and no longer have payments on the 15th. So if you are 15th payer, get with us at pay time and we'll get it set up. Thanks for the cooperation on this. And last, we have removed the water fountain by the bathrooms today and have had a water purification system set up. So, no longer any water bottles available from us. We would suggest getting a simple water bottle that you can bring in with you.

Also, great work this week on all the WODs, gang! There were definitely some rough WODs that came up and we were pleased to see CrossFit Spokane step up to the challenge. And speaking of challenges, stay tuned for our next Gym/Personal PR Challenge. After this week the current one will be over. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

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