Monday, March 16

New Members, First Sunday WOD, and a Couple of 1st Places

CrossFit Spokane's 1st Sunday WOD group

Sunday Class. We had our first Sunday class this weekend and it was amazing! We only had 6 people show up, but this was WAY more than we expected seeing as how it was the weekend before St. Patty's Day!:) We hope that you all had a great time! We sure did at the Sunday class; we spent the better part of the hour starting from square one of the mechanics of the Deadlift and ended the class with an amazing 5x3 Heavy Deadlift. Trust me, they pushed it hard! The focus was incredible and we even had someone pulling their previous 1 Rep Max for all of the 3 reps!!! Remember, like Mr. Rippetoe points out, "It's harder to kill strong people." Whether that be nature, diseases, daily challenges or other people (for you Mil/LEO/FF out there), this holds true. Just ask Lindsey, Marissa, Jon, Heather or Sully, they pushed it hard last Sunday...great job to y'all!

Great setup Marissa!

Jon at the top at full extension...excellent! Look at Lindsey in the background thinking, "That's not that heavy. I could lift that!"

So she did it:) Don't ask me for a picture of her at the top of the completed pull. I...uhhh...I...well...I accidentally deleted it. Yeah, that's it...I accidentally deleted it:)

Heather did an amazing job! I would be on the lookout for her to be making some incredible gains in the near future.

Sully was getting after it on Sunday! I can see his next CrossFit Total really making a huge leap!

New Faces. We are pleased to have some new faces joining our "family" here at CrossFit Spokane. Bo, Megan, Kristen, Zach, Aaron, Holly, Amber, and Owen just to name a few. So lets make sure to introduce yourselves and welcome them! Most of them are still in the 14 Day Beginners Course, but will be joining the group classes soon! Here are some pictures of three of our most recent members storming through the Beginners Course. Great people with great work ethic! Welcome.

Megan and Bo learning to "hate" the rower:)

Kristen. Lookout ladies, we expect some great performances from her.

1st Places!!! We also are pleased to hear that two members of CrossFit Spokane have been competing in events outside of the gym and have been whooping ***! Karen recently placed 1st in a state powerlifting competition the other weekend. Awesome job Karen! And in a local Judo competition this last Saturday, Brett placed 1st and 3rd in separate divisions!!! I believe he mentioned that he fought in nine different matches in one afternoon! Talk about a fight gone bad, and then another one, and another, and another, and well, you get the picture:) Congratulations to both of you!



Matt said...

Jon is killing it on those dead lifts. Awesome job duder! It's great to be back in Spokane.

Spokane Razorbacks said...

Thanks Matt,
I saw Lindsey pulling 400 and it really inspired me. I thought to myself...if she can do can I.

gabriel said...

did you guys warm up doing this?

see you next sunday!

Mike, Angela, and Brandon said...

Thats good Gabe.