Friday, April 10

Great Week!!!

What a great week this was! Between the great weather, several new CrossFitters joining and also stopping by from other affiliates and some brutally fun WODs, this week had the gym bleeding out energy from it's doors at a constant rate. Great job gang! We actually started the week off on Saturday with an amazing Fight Gone Bad! It was such an awesome turnout; over 25 total members showed up! As some of the following pictures show, it was crowed, but like always, CrossFit Spokane ran with it and made it happen. And the scores? Well, there was so many high scores and records broken that I was completely floored! Not everybody turned in their sheets, but here are a couple of the scores from a few of our FireBreathers. The focus, intensity and power that Tyler, Pat, Nick, Mark and many others put into this FGB was insane! I was just making sure to stay out of their way; they would have rolled over me like a train if I was in their way!

Tyler 381
Pat 374
Nick 372
Sully 320
Mark 288
Angela 279
Lindsey 275
Janessa 263

I wanted to post everyone's scores, so next time make sure to get them all back on the desk with your first and last names on them!:)

Also, we have put up another board in the gym for pictures. The summer is coming and you CrossFitters will no doubt be traveling all around and doing fun stuff. So, make sure to bring something CrossFitter-ish and take a picture from wherever you find yourselves. Climbing mountains, mountain biking, travels outside the states, skydiving, or graduating from college, it doesn't matter! Bring in a photo and post it on the board!

"2nd also", beginning today and continuing for the next couple of months, we are proud and honored to have several recruit firefighters conducting their physical training here at CrossFit Spokane. We have already put them all through the Fundamentals Class and they will now begin their journey into the world of CrossFit!

"3rd also", the Sunday Titans classes have been excellent! Although it will be Easter, we'll be open and it will be our 5th one and the turnout is still growing. The extra time spent on refreshing the mechanics each and every time down to the tiniest detail is producing great results. In fact, last Sunday Lindsey increased her 3 rep max by 15 pounds on her Deadlift; in only a couple of weeks! Impressive! As one of our shirts points out, CrossFit Chicks Rock! Being strong rocks!!!!

"4th also", be expecting a "Benchmark" week coming up sometime soon!:) Nothing but Benchmarks. That PR Board in the gym isn't completely updated, but it soon will be:)

"5th also', in our constant pursuit to better our fitness, we all know that we must constantly be evaluating our diet. For about a year and a half now I have been following the Zone. I have felt better than I ever have. But I am now adding something to it. Over the past several months I have bit by bit become more Paleo. Where the Zone deals more with proper quantity, the Paleo deals more with proper quality. So doesn't it make sense to combine them? So I have been trying to be as Zone-Paleo as possible, but recently I took a hard look at myself and wondered if I could get even better at it. Starting a week ago I have become even more strict. I even went through my fridge and basically threw out most of my condiments and dressings....even those considered to be "healthy" (making your own really isn't that hard). I will be going very strict on this new Zone-Paleo (with a few "treats" here and there) and will keep you posted on the results. I encourage you all to do the same; treat the new season as an opportunity to do a once over on your own kitchen:)

Alright! Who stuck the medicine ball to the target!?

A couple of backs...built by CrossFit

Why won't that medicine ball fall faster? Gravity is slowing me down!

Box jumps ain't got nothing on me!

Pat and Nick were in a tight race!

Like I mentioned earlier, CrossFit Chicks Rock!

Box Jump station

Tyler pressing it out. He's within reach of a 400 FGB score!

FGB Madness!

Pulling hard! And what do you think Lindsey and Marissa are "Paper, Rock, Scissoring" over?

Going strong!

FireBreather time!

Rowing for calories!

I love FGB faces! And below are some FGB aftermath pics!

3) "The Spartan runs, rows, swims, and bikes. The Spartan does not waste time with pointless, weird and limiting machines; the Spartan runs, rows, swims, and bikes."


Pat W said...

That really caught the essence of FGB! Nice work B.

A week of benchmarks? suck.

Mike, Angela, and Brandon said...

You forgot to mention that every rep was full ROM and to the CrossFit standard. Any of these people could have gotten 30-40 points/reps more for the WOD if they did half ass reps like we have seen other places (videos and gyms).