Wednesday, April 1


Attention all CrossFit Spokane Members!!!! This Saturday we'll be running a Fight Gone Bad! It's been a little while and I am anxious to see how many Personal Records we can all break. So lets make sure to have a good turnout. As you all know, more people equals more energy!:)

Let me also congratulate all of you who took part in the monthly challenge this past Friday. The scores of those who competed are at the end of the post. Very good scores considering the short "warm-up" WOD that everyone did prior to it; very taxing on the legs:) For the next Gym/PR Challenge make sure to look on the WOD board and start getting in some extra practice!!!

Also, the Krav Maga class on Saturday went exceptionally well! We had a good turnout from our gym as well as many other outsiders that were interested. Not only was it a great seminar to expose people to Krav Maga, but it also turned out to be an excellent workout!

Chris 404
Pat 380
Mark N 345
Carlos 337
Jenni N 326
BFD 270
Nick G 262
Sully 262
Betty 207
Owen 166
Jerry 160
Phil 139
Marissa 101
Heather 96
Janette 57
Kristin (just learning DU's; worked hard the whole 10 us, they will happen:)

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