Friday, April 3

Making Progress in Leaps and Bounds!!!!

Real quick before the weekend begins, I would like to throw out there what kind of amazing progress we are making here at CrossFit Spokane. Just in the past week I have had two members mention to me that they have destroyed some previous PR's on some of our "girl" WODs. Heather completed Helen this week and took 3 minutes off of her previous time! If that is not amazing enough on such a hard WOD, she did this while moving up in weight on her Kettle Bell swings and moving down a size in her pull-up band! Damn that's awesome!!!!! And just today Nick G. completed Jackie. Nick has been with us for about six months and since he started till today, he has turned into quite the FireBreather! The result of his recent Jackie after only six months....he cut his time in half which has currently placed him as #1 in the gym for that WOD! Great job Nick!

Soooooo, Fight Gone Bad tomorrow! Lets follow Heather and Nick's example and crush this thing tomorrow! When each one of you walks into the gym tomorrow I want to see "that look". You know, that look that screams of aggression and intensity. It's that look that makes people take a step back. It's that look which slightly resembles a mix between a shark and a wolverine (actually that might be kinda funny, don't have that look:). What I am trying to get across is this.....lets make tomorrow a day that will be a memorable day in your CrossFit training. Lets make it a day that you once again discover that you can push yourself harder and faster than the day before. I want you all to be like caged animals waiting for that glorious command........."3, 2, 1...GO!!!!"

I'll leave you with the second Spartan Rule which is conveniently appropriate for tomorrow's WOD seeing as how FGB requires a quick turnover rate between exercises to get a great score.

#2) "The Spartan (CrossFitter) takes no breaks between exercises, unless it's to shove a non-Spartan out of the way."

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