Wednesday, April 1

What do the following three photos have in common?

CrossFitters dabble in all three of their disciplines, that's what.

"We do your stuff almost as good as you, you can't do our stuff at all and we do stuff neither of us does way better than you can." - Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit

That pretty much sums it up. It's true that not every CrossFitter can run a 16 minute 5k, clean and jerk more than a NFL lineman, or pull an iron cross with ease. But ask your average football player to knock out Helen or see if a top Ironman triathlete can bust out Fran and finish everything up with a 500 row for time and see how they measure up. Their feats, although impressive, desirable and respectable, do not completely encompass what true fitness should be. Enter CrossFit:) It's nice to have a reminder of what we all actually do day in and day out here at CrossFit Spokane. We train for the unknowable. We attack our WODs with vigor and may sometimes forget about the fact that we are participating in multiple sports; powerlifting, gymnastics, and metcon. Wow! Did you ever dream that you would be a multi-event athlete? Have you realized yet that you haven't been working out these past days/weeks/years, but have actually been training? If that doesn't make your motivational side get juiced up I don't know what will! Incredible, gang. Simply incredible.

Now, I'm not sure of your knowledge of history, but for me, the Spartans of ancient Greece have always fascinated me. The legends of their training, discipline, and agressiveness has withstood the test of time. Their attitudes are an excellent example for all people regardless of their jobs, goals, or daily obstacles. Many CrossFit Affiliates have named their gyms after the Spartans in some way or another because it so appropriately fits the way that we train. When I first was getting into CrossFit years ago I came across a suitable list of Spartan (read that as 'CrossFitters') "rules to live by" that I kept and read from time to time. In case you have never seen them I will share them with you over the next several posts. I have these printed out and posted on my bathroom mirror so I can read them every morning as a reminder, not just for CrossFit training, but for an overall way to attack life. Maybe you'll do the same?

"Lactic acid is the [CrossFitters] friend. The [CrossFitter] knows the value of anaerobic failure and actively seeks it out. If the [CrossFitter] falls on his/her face, they will wait only as long as necessary to move again before they continue."

Uhhhhh.....can anyone say, "Fight Gone Bad on Saturday"? Oh, yeah!!!!

Why is lactic acid a CrossFitters friend? Stay tuned......

Also, there has been an addition to the next Gym/PR know, because Mike, Angela and I just love seeing you gasping for air on the's sick, I know, but we swear it's all in your best interest:) Check the WOD board for updates:)

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I hate FGB. 320+ Bring It!