Friday, June 19

CrossFit Spokane fire acadamy

Wednesday was the last CrossFit class for the Spokane City and Spokane Valley Fire academy and today these eight men became City/Valley Firemen. We would like to thank both departments for allowing us the opportunity to assist in the academy. It was a great time for all and very rewarding for us to see the tremendous progress they made physically over the 12 weeks.
On behalf of the CrossFit Spokane staff, congratulations and good luck.

If you missed the story on kxly 4 news there is a link below.


Spokane Razorbacks said...

Nice articleand video. you should upload it to

Mike Placzek said...

Really great local PR for a very impressive world wide fitness strategy.

Owen Duff said...

ROCK ON KRAV! Im rocking the "Beast from the east" Shit on the beaches of florida