Tuesday, June 30

Fire Fighter's 10 Week Results and Notification of 4th of July Park WOD

Well, we have received the results from the eight fire recruits during the 3 days a week, 10 week long CrossFit Spokane program, and like we expected, they were great! Thanks Jason for sending us the final results!

The time elapsed between pre and post fitness assessments were 10 weeks. Keep in mind these are already fit individuals who have passed all necessary entry level fitness exams. Ages ranged from 23 to 40 years old. The following were the results passed on to us, but let us not forget the "inside of the gym" improvements such as all of them cutting anywhere from a minute and a half to four minutes off of their Baseline test, or the fact that all but one of them had to use assistance bands for pull-ups in the beginning and none of them had to at completion. Being able to push and pull your own body weight is such an extremely important skill no matter who you are! And although the recruits may have been quite sore from time to time:), it's important to note that NO RECRUITS WERE INJURED FROM THIS PROGRAM!

- Every recruit had a drop in resting heart rate (an indicator of good heart health).

- Every recruit had a drop in body fat percentage. 2.14% was the average

- Every recruit had an increase in aerobic capacity. 5.4% was the average

- Every recruit had an increase in flexibility (specifically the lower back). 28.4%

- Recruits averaged a 14% improvement in grip strength

- Recruits averaged a 9.1% improvement in leg strength

- Recruits averaged a 27.6% increase in core strength

The recruits collectively lost over 32 pounds of fat and gained over 15 pounds of muscle!

Way to go fire fighters!!!

4th of July Park WOD

Also, this 4th of July we'll be conducting another Park WOD with some members of CrossFit 509. The location and time of this WOD will be 10 a.m. at Audubon Park. This park is easy to find from the gym and below is a map. Parking can be done on either the east or west side of the park, but there is also a small parking lot on the west side two blocks up off of Northwest Blvd. Hope you all can make it!

Another notice!!!!!!! The Titans Sunday class on July 5th will be canceled! Get out and enjoy the sun!!!!

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