Monday, September 22

It's been a while

Karen writes her game time and location on the board for all to see and hopefully attend. She had a game against GU this last weekend and was literally throwing the other players around. Thanks to CrossFit Spokane.

Kyle is training to beat the gym record of 12 muscle ups. Can he do it? Could you?

Matt drags the tire sled during our signature triple threat relay. It will make you cry in about 3-4 min.

Shane is one of our newest members. He is in the Air Force at Fairchild, so thank him for his service and welcome him next time you see him.

Tira is working on her strong women skills with the Yoke carry.

If anyone is interested we will be recruiting people to attending the Spokane SHOCK open tryout on October 11th It will be a lot of fun and it will give you a chance to test your skills at a professional football combine tryout. The cost is $50.00 preregistration or $75.00 at the door; it will be worth it. Sign up here:
The tryout
The playing surface for both tryouts is turf and prospective players are asked to dress appropriately with athletic shoes, shorts and a t-shirt; all other equipment will be provided by the Shock. The format of the tryout will be a pro-style combine. Players will run through the following drills: 1) vertical jump 2) shuttle run 3) 40-yard dash and 4) the broad jump. Select players may be invited to stay for position drills and scrimmaging.
Who is attending
As of now, Matt M, Carlos and myself will be trying out for the SHOCK. Matt played ball at UNLV, Carlos is a rugby player for life and I played college lacrosse and made an IFL team (Black Hills Machine) in 2000. I wonder if we have a chance now? What do you think?

Not sure if your ready for CrossFit Spokane, try some of this.

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