Thursday, September 11

Leave your ego at the door

Uncle Rhabdo

Pukie The Clown

We just want to thank all the members bringing us new faces in the door. And everyone has been working hard and staying motivated, that is what we love to see. But, a little reminder for all the new people coming in to try us out, please take our advise! We know how bad you want to do the full workouts because you have heard so many awsome things about Crossfit, but we also know the potential dangers of starting out full force. Crossfit is something you want to ease into, that is why we like to offer a modified workout for your first couple of sessions. It gives us a chance to find out where your fitness level is and what we need to do to scale or not scale the workouts accordingly. We want to train people to get them in the best shape of their life and we want to accomplish that safetly. Be patient, given time you will be right up there with all our best Crossfitters in the gym.


CrossFit Induced Rhabdo

What About Recovery

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