Monday, September 8

What do you think?

Master Garth teaches and students listen!

GU john want a big chest, here he is blasting his pecs with good old fashion weighted dips. "Where's the Pec Dec?"

GU Nick does some light stretching prior to his workout. We are glad to have him back after his Summer break.

Marrissa smiling as usual, she is back and working hard. Where's Cody?

Sue plays grandma to some of the kids you may see running around here during the 4:30 class.

We have had a couple of people come in and try to sell us Web page design services over the last year at this location. We wanted to see what you thought of the web site first. We think it's great: straight forward easy to navigate, gets your attention and provides some sort of entertainment that you want to comeback. Take our survey and let us know.

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