Wednesday, September 10

Is it possible?

Partner sled drag. It helps to be close in body weight.

George is one of the new faces you will be seeing around.

Mike is another one.

They both did a great little WOD t0day: 4 rounds- 10 DB push jerks, 10 medball cleans, 10 KB swings and 200m run.

Karen smiling for the picture and giving the "I'm number one" sign. Way to go Karen, we love you. She also had her first Rugby practice with Spokane's men's team yesterday, you should ask her about it, went well.

Looks like land mines.

So far it has been a great week here. We have had good WODS, new faces and plenty of old faces. We welcome any and everyone that wants to work hard.
Tomorrow, if you have forgotten, is September 11th. We will be doing a special workout to honor the victims of the World Trade Center attacks. I encourage all to come by sometime tomorrow and give it a go. We may even have a couple of choices if you want to do it as a team.
Here are some interesting videos about nutrition and our government that I first saw on CF CDA.
Is it possible?

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