Wednesday, December 12

A few new faces

We welcome Matt, who is fireman from Cheney. He is very eager to train hard and we are excited to have another public servicemen training with us.
This is Anna, she just joined us this week and has already gone head to head with Garth in Tabata This and did awesome.

Here is Sharon who also just joined with us. Very cool, and seems to be very motivated to train.

This is Erin who has been with us for about a year and is one of our best performers. I don't think she has ever had her picture on our site before mostly because she is always moving so fast that they all come out blurry.

We have had a good month so far with 6 new members joining and last Monday night was about the busiest I have seen the gym, we had close to 30 people in here between 5:30 -7:30. Thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about CrossFit.

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