Friday, December 28

Get ready

Got your tickets?

Carlos getting ready to meet Pukie.

Mark doing some DB snatches.

This is a great time of year because of friends, family and New Years resolutions. There are lots and lots of people who will say that this is the year they will eat better, lose some weight and get into shape, and out of all those people more than half will have quit by June. The number one reason they will fail is because of accountability; there will be no one there or anything in place to hold them to their commitment. Some people my think that a financial commitment (gym contract) will help them, but they to often fail and only have the monthly fee coming out of their checking account to show for it. This time of year the 24hr Globo gyms prey on these people with the hopes of them getting in there to sign a 2-3 year contract and then hoping they don't return. These poor people, all they had to do was come to CrossFit Spokane.

Tomorrow (Saturday 29th) is our snowshoeing trip, so if you want to go it's not too late, there is no cost just snowshoe rental ($10). We will be showing up here at 6:30 am and coming back about 6-7pm. For those of you who can't come the gym will be open the regular time 9am-noon.

New Years Hours

31 December (New Years eve) 8am -noon

1 January (New Years day) 3pm-8pm

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