Friday, December 21

Our first

This is Troy, he was with us at the old gym and has made his way back.

Brooklyn working on core strength with the ab wheel.

Simon says "do the scare crow".

Ha Ha, Derek and Christmas are just doing the Burgener warm-up.

Today was a good day for Christmas, she got her first muscle up AND SHE IS THE FIRST OF OUR FE. She did one and made it look easy then did one more about a minute later then waited about 5 minutes and got 3 in a row (check out the video).


MONDAY 24 (Christmas eve) CLOSED

TUESDAY 25 (Christmas) CLOSED

WEDNESDAY 26 (Day after) OPEN 3PM-8PM

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Aimless_b said...

Way to go Christmas congrats on the MU's

merry christmas everyone