Thursday, December 20

He's back

This is Grant from MT. Baker CrossFit, he comes and see's us now and again to represent the gym up there. Skip is doing some good stuff there because each time Grant comes back he better and better. Today he did "Barbra" in 21:45 which is our gym record then later that day came back and did our 15 min dead lift/push press workout and got 30,000lbs which is currently second in the gym to Phillip with 30,775lbs.

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Skip Chase said...

Looking great, Grant! You always put forth 110% I always look forward to seeing you enter our door.

I am so thankful for Mike and Angela in Spokane, with a door for you to enter when you go home. They are doing an awesome job in Spokane.

Merry Christmas and continued blessings for your business, Mike and Angela.
Skip and Rhonda
Mt Baker CrossFit