Saturday, May 30

2nd Park WOD And A New Titans Class Format

Thank you all for showing up at the 2nd Park WOD of the year again over at Corbin Park. As you can see from the picture, we had a great turnout (several people had already left before I remembered to take a pic). It was a lot of fun, very hot, had some new coordination and accuracy exercises introduced to the group (and also to myself) and overall was just a really enjoyable way to start the weekend. Enjoy the awesome weather this weekend everybody and get ready to start all over again on Monday!!!! And in case you hadn't notice, the Blogger-wide problems with the link colors seem to be fixed, so that hard to read blue is finally gone!!!!! Life is good in computer land:)

Also, expect to see some changes, or should I say some additions, to the Titans Class on Sundays. In keeping with our goal to constantly throw new things at you and give you the most versatile and functional training as possible, we are going to be throwing some new things at you in addition to the normal heavy lifting that we do during that class. But it is still the Titans Class, so most of these new things are going to be heavy:) The focus will still be on the normal heavy lifts, so try and make sure to show up on time and get after your warm-up without delay so we can start quickly and have enough time for the "extras":) GET SOME!!!!!!!


Chubbs said...

Spokane Crew-

Well, I finagled my way into a trip to Aromas. Crossfit Montana is taking an Affiliate Team, had tryouts on Saturday, and I won, so I am going in July (the top individual did not compete, however, and is not going). Also, I am wondering if anybody over there did the Last Chance Qualifier and submitted videos?

Hope everybody is having a good summer


Pat W said...

Nice Work Nick!