Thursday, May 28

Looks Like The Competition Is Heating Up In Here!

Well, we're about ready to wrap up another week here at CrossFit Spokane. And before we head into the weekend, I want to throw out some kudos to y'all. Here's what I have seen just in the past week and I can honestly say that it gets me pumped up!

Like the rest of you, I check out the WOD board everyday to see how y'all are doing. This week however I noticed something different. I noticed it with so many people that it really did jump out at me. Now you probably are thinking that the times were extremely good, and they were, but that's not it. What caught my attention was the increase in KB weight, the higher boxes being used, and the barbell weight increase. On Wednesday's WOD I notice (because we gave you a range of weight to choose from) that normally people that pick the lighter end were beefing it up! I can't tell you how much this excites us; as trainers, as competitors and also as friends of y'all. All in all, I just got the feeling that EVERYBODY decided to step it up.....again.

The Fire Fighter Recruits are now coming into the gym with a different swagger about them; instead of, "Oh ****, here comes the pain", they are now coming in with a look that says, "where's the Pain Train? I got a ticket and I don't want to miss it!" After an impressive first "Helen" that they did on Wednesday, we introduced them to what the muscle-up was an all of a sudden two of them knocked one out for the first time! Impressive! Several more are only moments away from getting one as well!

Several members have mentioned that they think they are ready to start tackling the Oly lift, the Snatch. Incredible lift which will give them so much in return.

Half a dozen of members on the Beginners Course have finished up with it and have joined the normal class WODs.....this is, as anyone can tell you, quite a good feeling. Congrats to you!

So all in all, things are shaping up to be quite an impressive summer here at CrossFit Spokane!

And make sure to tell Brayson good luck. In a week he is taking off for a little while to start his Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course. Once completed, he will start up class here at the gym. In case you don't know, Brayson has been kicking his own butt in addition to what we dish out to him in preparation for this's no joke. Besides the obvious teaching and technical skill portion of the course (which sounds tough enough), the fitness portion sounds brutal. Picture doing CrossFit WODs all day while getting in a fight between each one:) Drink water and bring Aspirin Brayson!!!:) Once Brayson completes the course, you will be seeing his link on our sidebar here on the sight. Until then check it out here.

And although everything up until this point has been positive, we are sad to report that Carrie has left us. We knew from the beginning that she would only be with us for a few months, but it still sucks:( Usually Carrie was a morning/noon CrossFitter, but if any of you had the privilege to workout with her, you know what kind of powerhouse she was. Carrie, do us proud at whatever affiliate you go to next and drop us a line/comment every now and then!!!

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Carrie Parada said...

Thank you to all the great people I have met over the past 4 months training in Spokane. I am really going to miss everyone! Angela, you better email me picture of your baby when she arrives. Thanks again!