Sunday, May 17

Well, The Results Are In.....Almost:)

It's a good day of CrossFitting when you're forced to crawl for your water post-WOD.

Hey there CrossFit gang! We're all back from Seattle. If you didn't know, this weekend was the NW Regional Games Qualifier and we had 6 members of our "family" going up against the regions best in some wicked WODs! This was the first time any of us had ever been to a Games event and let me tell you was incredible!! Ask any of those who went how awesome the feeling was to do their CrossFitting surrounded by hundreds of screaming fans and competitors. It was such a pleasure to be there and only made me fall in love with the entire CrossFit community all over again. I am definitely going to be recruiting more of you to compete next year (or at least come to support others on. Also, thank you to those that were able to come out and cheer the others on).

It can't be said enough; it was such an awesome day! Still waiting on the official results to be posted, but I personally can't say enough about how proud I am of those that represented CrossFit Spokane. I want you all to know how hard these 6 pushed themselves. Everyone got PR's on the heavy lifts (some by a lot!!!) and the second WOD was attacked with such ferocity that I even thought Tyler and Pat would visit Pukie. Remember that goofy scenario a little while ago about pushing yourself so hard to the limits that you can't even add 2 + 2? I say no more:)

As soon as the results are in I'll post them. I took a lot of pictures and videos, but until I put together a compilation of them, here are some to hold you all over. Once again, great job CrossFit Spokane. You did an excellent job!!!

Some of our ladies being goofy before boarding the "Pain Train".

Jenni and Owen getting warmed-up.

Pat was killing the muscle-ups!

Easy day. (I like the onlooker's faces in the back:)

Great form Tyler!

Owen and Jenni (while riding the Pain Train)

Does anybody actually prefer Wall Ball Shots? They just suck, period. Especially after 150.

Owen pushed himself so hard that I thought I saw him almost pass out and fall over. Get some.

Great shot of the "jungle gym" contraption used for WOD#2. Hell of a lot different from the inside of an Oz Fitness:)

Pat supporting his wife Jaunessa as she pulls a heavy dead. Both of them pulled enormously higher new PR's!!! Great job!!!

Brooklyn just might have done more exercising on Saturday than anybody else by being her usual energetic self; now it's nap time.

Excellent full extension at the top Lindsey!!!

Most ladies used stacked plates to reach the rings on WOD#2. I'll give you one chance to guess which set of these was for Jaunessa:)


CrossFit Spokane said...

I am so proud of all of you and the accomplishments you have made since starting with us. Just think where you will be this time next year!

Pat W said...

A BIG THANKS to Brandon and Angela for coming to Spokane to support and to coach us at the qualifiers. Also, a big thanks to everyone else from Crossfit Spokane who came and cheered us on/ made sure we stayed hydrated, nourished, and in good spirits. 3...2...1...GO!

Pat W said...

(Correction) for coming to Seattle from Spokane

gabriel said...

results are in. you guys KILLED it. well done!!!!